The Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to creating a stronger and more vibrant economy and a healthier community.  
The Chamber's focus is divided into five major areas: strengthening the local economy, representing the interests of business before government, community leadership and promotion, providing networking opportunities, and coordinating community events which draw visitors from throughout the valley.  Through our  committees, the Chamber offers a variety of programs, events, and other functions all designed with one purpose in mind: to build a stronger and healthier community through business and economic vibrancy and community leadership.

We invite you to browse through the website, acquainting yourself with our community and our Chamber.  Find out what the Chamber has to offer its members, learn how to join, and read the latest newsletter “News from the World’s Fruit Basket”.  You will also notice that we have provided you with the opportunity to communicate with members using e-mail. Please feel free to express any questions or concerns you may have. 

The Chamber is always looking for new ways to promote the local business community and provide resources for local business. Always looking forward, the Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce will continue to be the voice of the Business Community. As we move into the twenty-first century, the Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce, while not forgetting the traditions of the past, is taking innovative strides in services and technology to stay current with the concerns of the community it serves.